Stanley Corporation


Founded in the 1960s, the Stanley Company’s roots lie far deeper. Sometime in the 1910s, an Angel known as the Surveyor manipulated a family of British immigrants. They have a high incidence of Stigmatics. Guided by the God-Machine they swiftly climbed the social ladder and have become the leaders of a set of mid-sized companies.

The Stanley Company focuses on construction and property mangement. Most of the corporate leadership is related by blood and many of the workers are also family. Stanley is a common surname.

In 2011 they did work near the University (and shortly before the “animal attacks”).

Now they are working on the sewers and buildings of Eastlake, where the alligator sightings have occured.


The Stanley Company is a holding company which runs three subsidiaries: Stanley Construction, S-Bank, and Stanley Housing & Property Management.

The current boss and the founder of the Stanley Company is John Stanley.


  • John Stanley Senior (age 97): a cruel old man whose mind remains sharp even as his body remains trapped in bed.
  • Gloria Stanley (age 69): deferential to her father and brothers, she handles S-Bank.
  • John Stanley Junior (age 52): the rich playboy who runs the day-to-day operations of the family construction company.
  • Damian Stanley (age 25): John’s grandson who works under the Surveyor.
  • William Stanley (age 65): the black sheep of the family who is largely exiled from family functions.
  • The Surveyor: an angel who monitors the Stanley family/cult.

Stanley Corporation

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