(a.k.a. Memnovores)


Strange emaciated humanoids dressed in rags and with deathly pale skin, the sandmen possess pitch black eyes, spider-like fingers and eerily silent movements.

Those meeting them tend to forget they ever saw them. They seem to have an ability to damage or destroy memories and minds. Photographic equipment only reveals blurry images.

It’s not clear that they are alive in a normal sense. Bullets and impact weapons hurt them but weakly, causing purely physical damage and small wounds that bleed dust. But they can die. Water and fire seem to be capable of destroying their desiccated bodies. They are filled with a strange sand or dust that has properties never recorded in science.

Memnovore Autopsy Video Found Online

The picture jerks about as the filmmaker moves the camera about a homemade autopsy room.

“Take a look at the late great Francine Johnson,” someone says.

The handycam focuses as best it can on the emaciated creature on the metal gurney. Its pale skin resists focus however, smearing in the video even though the rest of the shot is crystal clear. A Y-incision has been carved into the bony humanoid torso and the top of its skull have been removed.

A different male voice off camera says, “Here is an associate of ours with some medical experience.”

The camera turns toward a man in hospital garb who quickly shields his face with one hand. “I don’t want to be on the film,” the first voice says. “Please keep me off this, I’ll provide medical experience.”

“Okay”, a third voice, likely the cameraman, says. The video settles on the blurry corpse. “Tell me about the creature.”

“By all biological rights this specimen should have been inanimate for the last twenty or thirty years. If this was found in the Mojave desert, I’d believe you.” This “expert” then begins to list his findings. The video jerks a couple times before clicking into a steady shot.

“One of the things we are trying to find out is what it was using in lieu of a circulatory system,” the doctor says as he begins to speculate on the biology of the creature. “There was no sign of a brain whatsoever..”

“Well it was a woman,” the second voice quips. He laughs then a smacking sound can be heard. “Ow.”

The video jumps momentarily as several minutes of intervening footage is cut.

The cameraman continues to interview the expert. He notes the lack of any forgetfulness about the Sandman though it still appears blurry on film. “Maybe it is inactive.”

A female voice says, “Maybe it has to be conscious.”

The doctor continues his speech. He delves into the particulars of its bodily structure. He pauses as he considers the slow repairs to its body. “Where is it getting the material from? It has nothing to metabolize into tissue.”

“It might be pulling material from the air,” the woman says.

Then a few moments later the video suddenly ends.


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