One of a Kind Investigations

Founded in 1982 by Frank Brooks, One of a Kind Investigations has had a checkered past. Originally the company was going to be named Three of a Kind Investigations is a joking reference to poker but one of Frank’s partners backed out and another went to jail for fraud.

Frank muddled through with the help of his wife Mavis. He found missing people, caught cheating spouses, and dug up evidence about insurance fraud. He never had many employees or was particularly successful.

In 2003, he took on Lillian Shaw as an employee, eventually turning control of the company over to her.

In 2005, the big break came. Thanks to Shaw, Nicole Vogel’s son was returned. Business was suddenly booming. Shaw bought out Frank and the company hired a couple teams of detectives to handle the workload.

Then in November of 2008 Frank went missing. He eventually turned up but deranged and senile. Realizing she was now out of touch with the day to day activities of the company, Shaw began to take a more hands on approach, even as she worked to find the secret of what happened to Frank. But that investigation turned into a rabbit hole as supernatural weirdness emerged and mad conspiracies unveiled themselves.

Recent hires for the company have reflected this turn as she hires people who can handle more dangerous (and weird) work.


  • Lillian Shaw
  • Vito (ex-SEAL sniper)
  • Robert Mill
  • Erin Bartram
  • Mavis Brooks (secretary)
  • Frank Brooks

One of a Kind Investigations

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