Lilith's Root Code

Durability 4, Size 2, Structure 6

The Root Code isn’t physical but does require a vessel to avoid returning to the God-Machine. For now it resides within a high powered mobile device of Infinity’s construction.

Crafted by Lilith, this device allows the user to control the minds of anyone who once served the God-Machine, including demons and mortal who have been brainwashed by servants of the God-Machine. The user rolls Resolve + Computers + Primum against the target’s Resolve + Primum. Each success allows the user to control a demon or angel for a turn (or a scene for mortals).

It also allows use of a variation on the Voice of the Machine embed. When used on a specific target, the user learns can roll Wits + Computers to learn what role that person or object plays in the God-Machine’s plans. Each use requires a roll against Compromise.

Lilith's Root Code

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