Keystone Pharmaceuticals

Keystone Pharma is a research based pharmaceutical company which licenses out its products to companies like Magadon Industries and Weide GmbH. Founded in 1975 by a group of self made millionaires, its primary goal was to find a cure for aging. The company relocated its headquarters to Seattle in 1996 in the Lake District.

The original aging research was looking for a magic bullet, a chemical compound to halt or reverse the aging process. That work never really paid off and they spun off that research division in a separate company, Pancea Pharmaceuticals about 2 years ago, in a joint venture with Verdant Technologies.

The publicly traded R&D company has numerous stakeholders but the largest (with a 31% stake) is Magadon Industries. Other major owners include Weide GmbH and the Chieron Group also large pharmacology businesses. In turn they controlled or partner with other front campanies like Verdant Technologies. Those who trace the money find ownership lies with the multinational Pentex corporation and the sinister Chieron Group.

Behind the scenes, they own numerous properties in Seattle and are conducting research into psychic powers, mind enhancing drugs, and something called the Dream Machine. to do so, they’ve contracted hunter cells, including One of a Kind Investigations. But something is after their work, something that doesn’t appear properly on video cameras and which requires fire and water to kill.

Keystone Pharmaceuticals

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