The Ring: Embed Gadget (Durability 5, Size 1, Structure 6)

This strange metallic rod consists of aluminum, iron, various trace elements and a large amount of element-161.

Activation: Knock the rod against a solid surface.
Power: The power enhances Aetheric Resonance, allowing it to detect traces of Aether on any object or individual in range: including Stigmatics, Demons, and masked Angels. It doesn’t identify them, only revealling those which have a connection to the God-Machine in some way. It is also limted to line of sight (or Aetheric Resonance, whichever is less)
Creator: Lilith (legendary 1st Demon)

The Heart Full of Flies: Form Gadget (Durability 4, Size 2, Structure 6)

This peculiar gadget appears to be a perfect model of a human heart, made of what looks like thick glass. Although the Heart Full of Flies is dulled and scratched by age, the ventricles and atria are clearly clouded with what looks like a small swarm of flies, still moving. The blood vessels end about an inch away from the heart proper. The valves are closed and sealed with ancient glass. How the flies got in there — let alone how they survive — is a mystery.

Activation: Concentrating and spending an Aether turns the weilder into a swarm of insects. Returning to normal requires another action (but no cost).
Power: Insect Swarm
Creator: Cxaxa Qherephis

The Mutilator (Durability 3, Size 2, Structure 5)

A device with the heft of a sawed off shotgun with a strange spiky barrel on top and a parallel insulated haft below. When fired it emits a horrific blue bolt of energy that deals 0A to anything it hits (Armor Piercing 2). It penalizes Initiative by -5 and is not easily concealed in anything less than a briefcase or duster.

Activation: Dexterity + Firearms
Creator: ???

Firefly Gun (Durability 3, Size 1, Structure 4)

This silvery raygun shoots bolts of gold energy dealing 3 Lethal with a successful shot.

Creator: Clare Smith

The Robe of the First Demon (Durability: 5, Size 5, Structure 10)

The Robe hides its wearer from the God Machine and its agents.

The Robe itself is a long, silvery mantle composed of some substance with the feel of plastic and the coolness and shine of metal. Inner strips appear composed of a strong dark fiber conduction charges and heat around the cloth. When activates the cloak shimmers even in darkness.

Any demon wearing the Robe enjoys the benefits of five dots in an equivalent of the Anonymity Merit. It can be used to render an individual invisible to the God-Machine or its Angels. This costs an Aether to activate.

Using the Robe however interferes with the connection between a Cover and a Demon. Roll for Compromise every time it is used (if simply worn, roll weekly).

Lilith’s Scepter: (Durability 5, Size 2, Structure 7)

This device resembles a metallic scepter studded with LEDs and covered in a tracery of gold circuitry. The LEDs glow in an ornate pattern while in use. The metallic itself is a dull gray color, cool to the touch and seems to be in a perpetual state of vibration.

The Scepter allows use a inverted version of the Terrible Avatar Exploit. The cover used must be one the demon is not currently using. Roll Manipulation + Science. The cover separates itself from the demon and acts as an independant entity. As long as it is acting accordance with its identity, the cover rolls actions as if it had a dice pool of Cover -1. The liberated cover exists for a number of hours equal to the demon’s Primum. Roll for compromise for that cover. While it doesn’t typically draw the attention of the God-Machine, many odd changes can and do occur to a cover freed of its demon.

The Scepter also allows the user to use a form of the Reality Enforcement Exploit on a specific target. Roll Presence + Science (+2 if a minion of the God-Machine). The target (if connected to the God-Machine like a demon or angel) loses the ability to spend Aether or Essence or use any of their supernatural powers for the rest of the scene.


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