Where Are You?

By overloading the temporary social connections with another person, the demon can locate an individual with pinpoint accuracy. they know both where they are and gain a short glimpse of what they are doing at that moment. Theis can be applied to people communicating with the demon through any medium; phone, chat, perhaps even post.

Dice Pool: Wits + Socialize + Primum
Action: Instant
Cost: 1 Aether
Dramatic Failure: The demon blows the connection. They gain a negative social condition to reflect the damaged relationship.
Failure: The demon learns nothing.
Success: As above.
Exceptional Success: The demon is able to keep the loaded connection open for Primum days. By spending an Aether they can ping the target, learning their current location.

Possible Modifiers: -2 no audio connection; -3 for communication delays longer than a a few seconds, +1 for full video/audio communication.


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