Lilith's Cloak

Durability: 5, Size 5, Structure 10

The Robe hides its wearer from the God Machine and its agents.

The Robe itself is a long, silvery mantle composed of some substance with the feel of plastic and the coolness and shine of metal. Inner strips appear composed of a strong dark fiber conduction charges and heat around the cloth. When activates the cloak shimmers even in darkness.

Any demon wearing the Robe enjoys the benefits of five dots in an equivalent of the Anonymity Merit. It can be used to render an individual invisible to the God-Machine or its Angels. This costs an Aether to activate.

Using the Robe however interferes with the connection between a Cover and a Demon. Roll for Compromise every time it is used (if simply worn, roll weekly).

Lilith's Cloak

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