Tag: Cult


  • Stanley Corporation


    Founded in the 1960s, the Stanley Companys roots lie far deeper. Sometime in the 1910s, an Angel known as the Surveyor manipulated a family of British immigrants. They have a high incidence of Stigmatics. Guided by the God-

  • Cult of the Nile

    Quotes: Sobek is a servant, as small as we. Our masters master grants us favor. We must survive. We must survive. Sobek is secondary. I feel at home here. Nobody wants them anyway.

  • Phi Sigma Rho

    This seemingly normal sorority seems to harbor a God-Machine cult.

    The Sophia Society

    A secret sorority mixing the rich, the smart, and the occult minded, they recieve funding and guidance from Silvia W. Woodard, a member of the board of

  • Black Pyramid

    A secretive group using agents enhanced with cybernetic implants and magic derived from ancient Egypt. They claim to be from another earth, one that has suffered an unimaginable catastophy. The stars have died and the world splintered. Now they seek to

  • The Deva Corporation

    This tech company is a known front for a God-Machine cult. They hunt demons, reengineer gadgets and try to get a technological edge on everyone else.

  • Knights of Chaos

    Daemons cult and World of Warcraft Guild. They hope one day to ascend and live as pure energy or information one day.