An ex-Hunter who runs a "zoo"


The tenament building nicknamed the Menagerie is run by James Sorenson. Heavy scarring covers over half his face from his wispy white hair down to his jagged jawline. One eye is covered with an eye patch, the other is a dead calculating thing. His age is hard to gauge but he is somewhere around retirement.

“James” is not his real name.


The real Sorensen was a ‘wildlife expert’ in the employ of Verdant Technologies. He died in 2006 in a skiing accident. In 2008, this man took on his identity. Though obviously involved with the same group of corporate monster hunters, his true identity is unknown. He suffered a grenade blast at some point however.

The Wallbreakers occasionally hire his services when they need a deniable asset.


Located in Phinney Ridge, his rotting tenement slips past your eye. Focusing on the dirty windows or the peeling paint takes force of will. Bars obscure the windows while thick curtains or paper hide the interior. The building is the color soot and nicotene.

The interior hasn’t been updated in decades, smelling of smoke, piss, and very faintly blood. A large central room leads to a shut down elevator, a stair case, and a manager’s office.


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