Builder of the Lizard Brain


This entity is slightly translucent; shapes of objects behind it are barely visible. It resembles a man with the head of an alligator. Sabek is shirtless and shoeless, and a black and gold wrap around its waist hangs to its knees. Thick gold bracelets encircle its forearms.


Existing since at least the days of ancient Egypt, Sabek perfers to act indirectly and prioritizes the survival of its project above all else.

Rank: 3
Influence: Alligators 3
Known Numina: Animal Control, Awe, Rapture
Ban: The mummified fourth victim keeps Sabek fixed here. If removed from its sarcophagus, Sabek loses the ability to regain Essence.

He ban exploited Sabek returned to the God-Machine, his mission a failure.


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