Reverend Jones


Reverend Jones is a big, dark-haired man of 31, built like the linebacker he once was.

He has an angular, clean-cut profile with a square jaw, an aquiline nose and bright blue eyes under a brow that could easily be referred to as “noble.” His dark hair is beginning to thin slightly. He doesn’t wear his collar outside of church services. In the summer, he can be seen more often in white polos. He’s friendly and open and doesn’t push his faith on others outside church, although he believes that Heaven and Hell are very real.

He wears contacts to cover up his true eye color: metallic silver.


An accomplished athlete, Tristan Jones could have become a professional player of baseball or football. Instead he passed them up for another love — the Church.

In semenary school, he was indocterinated into the worship of a more visible (if still mysterious) god: the God-Machine. That cult placed him here to watch over the flock of Bainbridge.

Reverend Jones

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