Miss Ryden


Quote: Honestly, I don’t want to appear rude, but you and I both know that it would be better for all concerned if you were to just leave Bainbridge.

Miss Ryden appears to be 46 years old. She’s thin. She wears sensible, matronly clothes, flat shoes and minimal makeup. Her dark hair, which has no hint of gray, is cut in a severe chin-length bob. She looks like she was once very pretty indeed, but her face is now heavily lined, and she hardly ever lightens her expression with any save the tightest and briefest of smiles.

In angelic form, she appears as a gray skinned humanoid with no facial features and only a vaguely feminine form. Small squares of static appear and slide at random across her surface. Her voice is like the hiss of a radio tuned to no channel.


“Elizabeth Ryden” presents herself as a former worker of charities and a perpetual spinster. She’s the current chair of the Women’s Institute, and organizes fetes, sewing circles and yard sales. All this work keeps her busy.

Miss Ryden

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