Kenny Nguyen

Animal Control Officer


Quotes: “There are alligators down there. They killed a friend of mine. Pete Summers.”

“The gators are just gators. They don’t mean any harm; they’re animals.”

“I tried to go through the proper channels. It didn’t work. Someone at City Hall… wants to keep this under wraps.”

This Asian American man has gray at his temples and flecks of it throughout his hair. Smile lines are prevalent around his mouth and eyes. He wears coveralls with a white nametag: “Kenny.”


Kenny’s diligence and compassion outstrip his intelligence, which is why he was never able to become a veterinarian, like he wanted, or even a vet tech. He settled for animal control officer, and is glad he did. Though the job is difficult and thankless, he feels like he does real good for the city. The fact that someone at City Hall stonewalls his requests therefore stings even worse.

The Slog article has made everyone think he is crazy. He seems to have decended into the sewers and been eaten by alligators. The wider world believes he just vanished.

Kenny Nguyen

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