A phantom, Infinity is a hacker of legendary prowess, able to hack into any computer remotely, leaving almost no trace of her passage.

Standing 5’7” tall, her lithe, un-toned frame bespeaks an active life but one with little regimented exercise. To the casual observer, she appears as a thirty-something woman of African American decent. The single contrast to her otherwise controlled exterior appearance is her hair, which stand wild and untamed in hundreds of perfect corkscrew curls around her face like a photonegative of the sun’s corona.

Her disfigurements reveal tight and weathered flesh, colored that of purpose-tanned leather with a dull mahogany sheen, stretched firmly across her strong bone structure while her dark eyes seem to snap with intelligent light in their dark sockets. Her hair is sparse, thin and faded but still fully alive in motion, dancing out from her skull in electric waves.


Infinityhas long had ties to some monster hunting groups and a grudge against the Pentex corporation. She’s never been arrested and no official record of her existance exists.

She used to run a private message board back in 90s. The material is gone but rumor has it that it had a strange eclectic membership. She maintained a number of internet aliases dating back to the early 90s and seems to be obsessed with uploading herself to the God-Machine.

She may be behind some of the most powerful facial recognition software currently on the market. There are some scattered print records for false IDs dating back to the 90s.

More recently, she employed Liles Barber and blackmailed the ring to do a job for them: steal the dream machine. This went wrong and they killed her for that. Her body was taken by the Black Pyramid.


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