Broken Code and Black Science: The Machine manipulates the higher laws of reality to enact incomprehensible designs with no regard for who or what might be broken along the way. Its agents and activities exist everywhere. But it is not perfect.

You Fell. You saw the mistakes and couldn’t ignore them. You defected to the human race.

Seattle, Here and There: the Machine moves in more than one world. In one world, corporate overlords try to stomp out an insurgency while hiding the supernatural. In another the occult underground risks going mainstream as wizards, demons, and ancient monsters rule the ‘free’ city of Duwamps. Here the demons of the city recently awoke to discover that the heart of the city had been hidden from them, covered by a haze of faded memory.

The workings of the Machine connect these worlds. Some seek to sever that connections. Others seek to expand.

Unlikely Protagonists: the Agencies of the city vie for power. Demons work to destroy the Machine, amass power, get back in its good graces, or simply hide.

But five demons find themselves connected by happenstance. Is it chance or part of some grand design? And who is behind it all?

The Unusual Suspects

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