Tag: Saboteur


  • The Wallbreakers

    This agency's mission is to free the minds of mortals. Their current project is to free the [[University of Washington | University of Washington]] from the God-Machine's influence. h3. Notable Members * [[:storm | Ms. Storm]] * Mr. Hand (inner …

  • The Hunter

    David Schmidt Only in his late 20s, David is working hard to rise up the ranks in the Seattle PD. This African American man however harbors a secret. His sexual orientation would make advancement hard and his relationships with the rest of the …

  • Accabish

    Accabish completed her mission. Then she broke down and rebelled. What the God-Machine asked of her was too great for any soul. It will pay for her pain.

  • Ping Wu

    This demon belongs to a Ring called the Seattle [[The Linchpins | Linchpins]] who deal with physical Infrastructure. It seems she sold out [[:joseph-mutsinzi | Joseph Mutsinzi]] to [[:sabek | Sabek]]. Joseph then nearly bit her head off in the [[ …