Tag: Angel


  • Sabek

    Existing since at least the days of ancient Egypt, Sabek perfers to act indirectly and prioritizes the survival of its project above all else. *Rank*: 3 *Influence*: Alligators 3 *Known Numina*: Animal Control, Awe, Rapture *Ban*: The mummified …

  • Yves Magambo

    Yves has been revealed as the man behind an attempt on Hunter's life. Yves seemed unworried about the risk to his own life, suggesting he has supernatural abilities of his own. [[:accabish | Accabish]] believes he is an angel. What is his mission?

  • Registrar

    The Registrar was summoned into its current position at the [[University of Washington | University of Washington]] a decade ago. A potent Angel it controls the scheduling for thousands. The current mix of programming seems to indicate that the God- …

  • Miss Ryden

    "Elizabeth Ryden" presents herself as a former worker of charities and a perpetual spinster. She’s the current chair of the Women’s Institute, and organizes fetes, sewing circles and yard sales. All this work keeps her busy.